TV USA – Giovedì 6 Agosto 2015

STASERA IN TV – Ecco l’elenco delle serie tv che andranno in onda stasera, Giovedì 6 Agosto, in America con degli episodi inediti:

The Astronaut Wives Club​ (Abc) 1×08 dal titolo “Abort”

Beauty and the Beast​ (the Cw) 3×09 intitolato “Cat’s Out of the Bag”

Mistresses​ (Abc) 3×09 dal titolo “Unreliable Witness”

MISTRESSES - "Unreliable Witness" -- Feeling under the weather, Karen heads to the doctor and is stunned when she gets the results. April and Blair move their relationship forward, even though Lucy admits that she's not fond of him. Marc continues to struggle with his old demons, but Harry is there to help him get back on track. Joss scrambles for evidence against Calista and when Calista twists the story to her benefit, the future looks very grim for Joss, on "Mistresses," THURSDAY, AUGUST 6 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET).  (ABC/Bettina Strauss) YUNJIN KIM, BRETT TUCKER, JES MACALLAN

Complications​ (Usa Network) 1×09 intitolato “Deterioration”

Under The Dome (CBS)​ 3×08 dal titolo “Breaking Point”

Rookie Blue​ (Abc) 6×07 intitolato “Best Man”

Graceland (Usa Network)​ 3×07 dal titolo “Bon Voyage”

Dominion (Syfy)​ 2×05 intitolato “Son of the Fallen”

Rectify​ (Sundance Tv) 3×05 dal titolo “The Future”

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll​ (Fx) 1×04 intitolato “What You Like Is In The Limo”

Married (Fx) 1×04 dal titolo “Koreatown”